First art graduate incubator in the country

Marketplace Studios

GRADUATING art students will have access to a unique resource following the unveiling of MMU’s Marketplace Studios in Stockport.

The studios will provide artists with a place to work independently, while still being supported by the University through mentoring, business advice, talks and workshops.

It is believed that Manchester School of Art is the first art school in the country to provide this sort of resource for its graduates.

Project manager Clare Knox-Bentham said: “It can be hard for artists who are just starting out on their own. We wanted to provide our graduates with somewhere they could develop their practice and refine their business models but at low risk to themselves.”

Help and support

There are 10 multiple-occupancy studios available with a mixture of sizes and shapes. The studios will be open 24 hours a day, and graduates will also be able to benefit from business start-up “bootcamps” run by the University’s Innospace.

In addition to the studios, there is a shop area where the resident artists will be able to sell their work, and a project space for public workshops.

Artists can partially offset their studio rental costs by running courses, workshops and evening classes for the local community.

The project also provides a way for graduates to build their networks through involvement with local businesses, creative groups and institutes such as the Stockport Hat Museum.

Find out more

Jane McKeating, Associate Head of the Department of Design, said there has already been interest from students and graduates interested in taking studio space.

Students who wish to find out more should contact Clare Knox-Bentham on or 0161 247 1517 or Jane McKeating on or 0161 247 1705.

Article Posted: April 4, 2014
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