Goals, Good Inductions & Greggs

Last week, Innospace held the first workshop as part of The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) Incubator and Accelerator Network (IAN).  Attendees included colleagues from incubators and accelerators from universities and colleges around the nation as well as staff from The Centre for Entrepreneurs and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The event started with a networking lunch which was open to all Innospace licensees as well as members of staff at Manchester Met and a tour of the mixed use building - The Shed.  This building, formally known as John Dalton West houses Innospace, as well as Digital Innovation - anything digital that takes place around the university in terms of teaching, research, projects and events and Print City - a forward-thinking education and innovation centre specialising in 3D printing and digital manufacturing.  Louise Kenworthy, Innospace Manager led the tour and spoke about the history of Innospace, Paul Bason, Director of Digital Innovation spoke about the work they do and Ed Keefe introduced attendees to the world of 3D printing and the fantastic work they are part of.

Louise Kenworthy introduced participants to Innospace and the work they are currently doing with pre-start and early stage businesses.  The focus of the presentation was around: "Goals, Good Inductions and Greggs" - how to increase incubatee engagement.  Louise shared her experience of working with the businesses in Innospace and the activities and techniques she used to use, lessons learned and the techniques used now to boost engagement as well as the Innospace offer.

Innospace businesses - Nomi Farooq from Shoot Business and Hassan Iqbal from Creative Pixels shared their experience of being based within an incubator and how engaging with Innospace and Manchester Met has helped their businesses to grow and develop.  Nomi has been based within Innospace for a number of years and has seen the space change over the years, he said Innospace was all about the community and he is proud to be part of an organisation that actively supports businesses to flourish.  Final year Manchester Met student, Hassan has been running his business whilst studying and constantly engages with the support available at Innospace.  The Innospace Manchester Met student offer has enabled him to continue developing his business and helped him find new clients.

The final speaker at the event was social networking Queen, Naomi Timperley from Tech North Advocates.  Naomi spoke about mapping talent within incubators and helping businesses to connect and meet people they wouldn't necessarily have met if they weren't part of an incubator.  Naomi shared useful articles through the Wakelet platform - a platform designed to help individuals save, organise and tell stories with content from around the web.

In keeping with the title of the workshop - cakes from Greggs were provided for the participants to help ensure they maintained engaged throughout the day!

Information about the organisations featured:

The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) is the UK's leading entrepreneurship think tank.  It researches the economic and social value created by entrepreneurs. 

The CFE Incubator and Accelerator Network (IAN) aims to increase the scale and impact of business incubators and accelerators across the UK.  The network ensures members are fully up-to-date with the latest support practices, business finance options and incubator business models.  It also uses the Centre's connections and insight to advocate on behalf of the incubator and accelerator sector. https://centreforentrepreneurs.org/networks/incubator-accelerator-network/


https://wakelet.com - Save, organize and tell stories with content from around the web

https://shootbusiness.com/ - a video production company that specialise in corporate videos, video production, video marketing and photography

https://creativepixels.agency/ - an award winning creative media agency providing web design, branding, SEO & SMM.


Article Posted: April 4, 2018
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