Innospace opens its doors at Manchester campus

The Shed

A NEW chapter begins for the Innospace business incubation unit following the relocation to its £1million home on the All Saints campus.

More than 70 tenants are now operating out of the revamped base, with even more space and support to continue nurturing fledgling companies.

The offices, on Chester Street, boast a range of workspaces to suit firms at different stages in their development:  start-up offices, grow-on spaces, hot-desking for up to 120 people, internet and IT, meeting and seminar rooms, and virtual tenancies.

The 1,284sqm hub opened this summer, placing the Business School’s expert guidance on the doorstep of Innospace’s entrepreneurs.

Support and guidance

Louise Kenworthy, Incubation Services Manager, said: “The new building is truly fit for purpose to support and train companies to build the economy

“The fact we’re closer to the University means it’s easier to build links and get more people engaged in what we offer. We needed somewhere more expansive and we recognise there are different types and styles of working that people need.”

Innospace was born in 2007 and 380 tenants have since passed through its doors, creating more than 500 jobs.

The hub provides affordable and flexible working space as well as expert guidance and support. For brand new MMU student and graduate firms, the first three months are free – including tea and coffee. Companies can move around Innospace as their firms grow, from hot-desking to full offices.

‘Amazing location’

And the unit also gives support to budding entrepreneurs who come from outside of the University. Mentoring and networking opportunities are available as well as pro bono workshops and one-to-one sessions from business member group Pro Manchester.

New Tenant and MMU graduate Milena Bonio operates Amnis Education, supplying temporary and permanent staff to schools from a start-up office.

“I thought Innospace was perfect, it is in an amazing location and other places had been quite expensive,” she said.

“When we speak to teachers about what we do and where we’re based, it definitely adds value. Everyone here is very helpful and it’s been easy to set up. 

"MMU is one of the biggest providers of teachers, so we couldn’t be happier being here.”

Article Posted: September 13, 2014
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Hot Desking Start from £50 per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Grow On Offices Start from £12 per sq.m per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Start-up Offices Start from £110 per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Virtual Licensee Start from £300 per year (inc. V.A.T.)
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Pay-as-you-go Start from £20 per day (inc. V.A.T.)