Sales and Marketing

Innospace believes that 'getting the first customer' is one of the most critical elements of launching a new company or product. We have therefore developed an in-house sales and marketing capability to provide specialist support in this area. This support is tailored to the needs of individual companies.


Many technologists lack marketing skills and experience.  Innospace’s marketing advisor can provide advice and input on many aspects of marketing including:  strategy, campaign management, social media, sales messaging, PR, marketing plans etc.  we tailor the service to the company’s specific needs.


Considered the ‘life-blood’ of any business, entrepreneurs commonly dread making sales calls.  Innospace can assist by providing a structured training, looking at market segmentation, product benefits and the sales process.  We tailor support to individual needs and may cover anything from sales coaching to undertaking direct telesales campaigns.

We are also able to help you recruit your sales force through our in-house recruitment agency.

Product and services network – the Innospace team introduce tenant businesses’ products and services to potential customers and procurement networks. We cluster products and services for presentations to specific communities (eg financial services companies) to increase impact and to offer a value to the potential customer list.

Innospace Profile

Innospace has an excellent track record and profile within the region.  As such, we receive a good deal of press coverage and attract many high profile visitors and so our companies gain direct benefits from being associated with Innospace.

Seminars & Networks

Innospace has developed a network of professional advisors and mentors who provide invaluable input on sales and marketing strategy.  We also run sales and marketing workshops and signpost external events.

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Hot Desking Start from £50 per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Grow On Offices Start from £12 per sq.m per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Start-up Offices Start from £110 per month (inc. V.A.T.)
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Virtual Licensee Start from £300 per year (inc. V.A.T.)
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Pay-as-you-go Start from £20 per day (inc. V.A.T.)